Established on March 25, 2008, Fortune Energy Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a Singapore based company. We are specializing in energy and chemical’s investment and trading.

Advantage in location

Based in Singapore, which is a key global business,financial and energy trading center and one of the most developed countries in Asia, Singapore can provide companies enough support in business. Connect India ocean and pacific by the Strait of Malacca, Excellent geographical location make Singapore to be a popular rendezvous for all traders from the West and East.

As to the workforce, Singapore ranked highest in attracting and retaining talent in Asia in the 2018 Global Talent Competitive Index, moreover, the excellent domestic senior education resource, especially in NTU and NUS, provide fresh outstanding workforce to society.

Not only in this two aspects, but also in tax regime, politics and law, favorable tax regime, the stable politics, and strong rule of law, give company a steady and competitive environment for development.

Advantage in Management

More than 10 years of development, as a trading companies, we forms our competitive advantages as follows.

1. Diversity of the trading products and the professionalism of the team

Focusing on the energy field and keeping in step with the changes in products demand, successively we made large businesses in the field of fuel oil, mixed aromatics, bitumen mixture, crude oil and NGLs. With the development of the company, the structure of the team more reasonable, and the ability of the team more professional. Including 15 persons in company, the average experience of them in this industry are above 8 years.

2. Financial Service

To support the business and enlarge the cooperation with more upstream and downstream companies, we establish good relationship with local and multi-national banks, such as DBS, BOC, OCBC,BNP. At present, the comprehensive credit line reach twenty billions dollars. With the strong support of banks, we can provide comprehensive finance service and industry investment guarantee to our customers.

3. High efficiency in Resource Integration

In the field of crude oil, fuel oil and related we establish solid connection with national companies, majors, and trading houses, which are more than 15, such as Equinor, Shell, BP. In crude oil, we majorly focus on Chinese market, cooperation with more than ten end users, such as CNPC, Dongming, Lihuayi. In the fields of gasoline, diesel,jet fuel and chemicals, we cooperated with southeast Asian and Australia companies ,such as Petrolimex, Reliance. . Abundant upstream resources, steady demand in downstream, plus our professional service, makes us high competitive in resource integration.

We try to improve the market share of crude, fuel oil and related. Besides, we began to take part into NGLs field, making a good cooperation with suppliers in USA, Oman, Qatar,such as AEC, OTI, QATARGAS.

For providing the downstream customers higher quality service, we found the office in Qingdao, forming a customer service network in Asia-Pacific.